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LLC Toot

From the shores of Long Island to the brown tides of the Thames, men are no different when it comes to pride in their bodily functions.  Why why why?  I don’t understand how a person could take such pride in … Continue reading

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Hysterical laughter greets me at the door following my Sunday morning run. Wow, all the fun happens around here when I’m out, I think as Chris greets me on the threshold. You have to check out LLC,” he grins, padding … Continue reading

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Down Under

Hello down there in between my legs. No, I’m not being rude! I’ve just got a little person peeping through my not so pin-like pins in a manner that unsurprisingly brings back acute memories of giving birth. This is the … Continue reading

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Friday Faux Pas

Today LLC and I were in the park where we last year encountered this howler but this time the only faux pas on the scene was me. The children’s play area was nearly empty (hurrah) when we arrived, with only … Continue reading

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Sit or Squat?

I have an issue with public bathrooms. Sandy, wet beach toilets missing seats. Nice toilets in more upmarket restaurants. Questionable toilets in pub with that stale bleach smell. Dirty park toilets with backlog. Rank toilets on London Bridge platform. Squat … Continue reading

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