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Listen to me!

My kids have been driving me a little crazy lately, and much of it is down to lack of listening.  Sometimes I say come here and they go there because they are trying it on, oh I mean asserting their independence … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: Silly town

Zinky walendi kampalllini gerrykebabit. or Welcome to Silly Town! Have you ever visited Silly Town?  No?  Let me tell you about it!  There are unicorns and flying pigs and more sweeties than you could reasonably eat without getting a tummy … Continue reading

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Where is my mind?

Good question, Pixies.  My feet are often in the air and my head is on the ground and I’m rushing.  Rushing for that train.  Rushing from grand plans to child dinner plans.  Rushing the kids to school, to dance, to get … Continue reading

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Full-time Mom Fandango

I’d describe myself as fairly even keel and tolerant, but one thing that really gets my knickers in a twist (beyond unkindness, humble brags and the British tendency to end their sentences in rhetorical questions) is when women -mothers- describe … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: 4 going on 14

On Thursday I received the following update from our childminder: Yesterday I told LLC we would make some cakes today. As I didn’t have any eggs she said: We Must go to the local shop to buy some eggs. I … Continue reading

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