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Listen to me!

My kids have been driving me a little crazy lately, and much of it is down to lack of listening.  Sometimes I say come here and they go there because they are trying it on, oh I mean asserting their independence … Continue reading

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My Petite Frite – in French School?

Last autumn I encountered the hurricane that is school applications. It blows in, screws with you and then blows on, leaving a wake of maybe not destruction, but certainly apprehension and often frustration. State or public school? (For any American … Continue reading

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Sticky Children

Heat = sticky children.  It’s amazing that we are finally having some good weather in the UK.  Although I can remember a small handful of good summers since I moved here at the end of 2002, by far the best … Continue reading

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Missing my American Halloween

  Before this belated Halloween post I need to say one thing: Hurrah Obama!  I am one proud expat this morning. Now back to Halloween.  I figure I can still squeeze this post in without it being ridiculously belated. Some … Continue reading

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Friday Faux Pas

Today LLC and I were in the park where we last year encountered this howler but this time the only faux pas on the scene was me. The children’s play area was nearly empty (hurrah) when we arrived, with only … Continue reading

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