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Friday Funnies – Flowers, Dodgy Marriage & Dancing

LLC:  Mommy those flowers are beautiful. Me: Yes they are. LLC: I want to have them for my wedding! Me:  Your wedding?  Flowers were important to me at my wedding too.  But your wedding?!  Aren’t you a little young to … Continue reading

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Shopping within my means

With the change of season, I’m in the market for some flannel PJs for LLC and LMM.  They’re harder to come by than you might expect (unless I’m really missing something) but I was really excited when I stumbled upon … Continue reading

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Happiness, Fulfillment and Liz Jones

From the time I read the Liz Jones interview in The Stylist last week I’ve been riding a wave of slight bafflement.  Did this interview with one of the UK’s most inflammatory, contrarian journalists strike a chord with me?  I … Continue reading

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Why is that every time I think of writing these days, it’s like wading through a giant cobweb?   I’m stuck.  I’m in a haze of distraction.  And as the days tick on I get more and more frustrated. Distractions.  … Continue reading

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What to wear when breastfeeding…

Having breastfed LLC until she was one and now LMM for 7 months, I should have this one sussed but I’m not sure I do.  My sense of style about what suits me may be intact but my current wardrobe … Continue reading

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