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Friday Funnies: books books books

We love books in this house.  I’ve always been an avid reader, and although my repertoire narrowed to picture books for awhile after C&M’s arrival, I’m pleased to say that I’m reading more again.   Last year we started a book … Continue reading

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Taking stock

We’ve moved!  There was last minute drama, there was stress and even some tears.  But now that the deed it done, it feels right. I now write from our Charlie and Chocolate Factory-esque reception room housing our table, our air bed, … Continue reading

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Hello Year 1

Last year I blogged about Reception Perceptions, which might be of interest if you’ve got a little one starting Reception this year. But for C, July marked goodbye September, and tomorrow marks Hello Year 1. This year, we are old … Continue reading

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CHAT: children and musical instruments

It’s CHAT revived….strap yourselves in, it’s a good one! This week I’m speaking to my dear friend Alicia about introducing young children to musical instruments.  Alicia is one of my oldest friends who rocks womanhood, mamahood and also happens to be an accomplished … Continue reading

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Organized Chaos

My life is organized chaos. I keep a diary, but still manage to double book.  By day a trail of pip squeak crayolas, stethoscopes and toy cars decorate our house in ‘tornado just blew through’ style but at night we … Continue reading

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