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Listen to me!

My kids have been driving me a little crazy lately, and much of it is down to lack of listening.  Sometimes I say come here and they go there because they are trying it on, oh I mean asserting their independence … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Breastfeeding – But What About the Kids?

After my now compulsory fix of ‘Professional Masterchef’ (how did I never discover ‘Masterchef’ before?!) I managed to catch a chunk of the a ‘Extraordinary Breasfeeding’ documentary. I’m sure I heard rumblings about this portrayal of parents that breastfeed past … Continue reading

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How much of the England Riot shame starts in the home?

Devastated, disgusted and frustrated.  This is my initial reaction to the senseless, barbaric looting and rioting unfolding on my London doorstep and quickly spreading across England like wildfire. It’s horrific to see vibrant city streets crumbling and burning at the … Continue reading

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Friday Faux Pas

Today LLC and I were in the park where we last year encountered this howler but this time the only faux pas on the scene was me. The children’s play area was nearly empty (hurrah) when we arrived, with only … Continue reading

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Post-natal Depression – For Dads

This BBC article about father’s suffering from post-natal depression (PND)caught my eye. My pregnancy/parenting books and updates warned about the signs of PND I might experience as a new mother, but they never said anything about dad’s feeling low. In … Continue reading

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