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36 Weeks Pregnant – Where did the time go?

Is it common to reach this point in pregnancy and be overwhelmed with the juxtaposed emotions of feeling like I’ve been pregnant forever alongside wondering how it’s now only several weeks away from a new little person rocking up on … Continue reading

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No News Unfortunately Means No News…

My recent silence unfortunately isn’t down to exciting baby news – it’s more to do with me trying to get out and about and keep my mind occupied with thoughts other than is labor going to start? I’ve been spending … Continue reading

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Baby, look at all the fun you’re missing!

Getting out of the house this weekend was extremely therapeutic! After three days housebound due to my ice rink of a road, Chris and I took advantage of the weekend’s slightly milder temperatures to go play in the snow. We’re … Continue reading

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I’m Off to see the Midwife, the Wonderful Midwife of Oz….

Okay, it’s not the Wonderful Midwife of Oz….it’s my Wonderful Midwife of London who I’m hoping will tell me the little lady is nicely engaged and will be making her out of womb appearance shortly! I’m 39 weeks pregnant. I’m … Continue reading

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Mama Chat Volume 2 – A Dish on Parenting from Real Moms

First, week 38 pictures: In the holiday spirit of giving, lovely moms EW from the USA and LG from the UK have agreed to share more parenting wisdoms with you and me. As usual, some of these tips may be … Continue reading

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