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Moving on. Moving up? Moving house.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, our days in our Victorian cottage are numbered. We bought this house 10 years ago.  The place needed modernisation and TLC.  There was forest green carpet everywhere, a horrendous brick edifice covering … Continue reading

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Being a grown up

Running gives me head space, to ponder, to reflect. When I run I think about all sorts of crap from what to make for dinner to entrepreneurial ventures to what the government is doing (or not doing) to support families … Continue reading

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Sibling Moments

Today I posted a photo on Twitter of the children playing together at their little Ikea table.  LMM is just reaching the age where he will sit at the table without wriggling out of the chair or trying to push … Continue reading

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The most amazing thing about having little children…

…Is the unconditional and boundless love that they give me. Whether they are looking up to me or simply looking for me, I’m just enough. When else in life does someone accept you exactly as you are without question?  When … Continue reading

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Dust clouds dance with the heat haze rising from the baseball field.  Hot dogs and burgers sizzle on the BBQ.  My parents call it an ‘annual softball game’ with friends, but to me it’s different, exciting, fun… The summer evening … Continue reading

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