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The two sides of “The Force”

M and I are at our local playground and he’s insisted in me pushing him on one of the baby swings. He loves the swings and can go on for ages, and took this opportunity to loudly dissect the nature … Continue reading

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Happy 4th M

Do you know? That you ask me this question About 30 times a day And then comes the watershed Of your mind palace Do you know? Those expressive brown eyes Are a window into your heart Those small square nostrils … Continue reading

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My boy

In early 2012 when the sonographer announced that we were having a boy (and kept repeating, yup that’s definitely a boy), my bewildered face said it all.  For some silly reason I’d convinced myself it was another girl.  I understood … Continue reading

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Cars cars cars

Cars, trucks, vehicles of random variety – you are taking over my home. I’m don’t purposefully gender stereotype when it comes to toys but I guess we did on an unconscious level, i.e. we’ve recently upped our car repertoire from … Continue reading

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Happy 1st birthday LMM!

This past week was LMM’s first birthday! httpv:// At one LMM is an assertive and inquisitive character.  He’s walking and he’s trying to compete with the rest of us by talking (mama, dada, nana for bannana, nonono, ya, and then … Continue reading

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