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LLC’s Pirate Themed Birthday Party

So this year Chris and I threw LLC her first ‘friends invited’ birthday party. With a Pirate / Princess theme. The big event took place in a rented hall with 25+ 4 year-old children plus some littler ones too.  Crazy … Continue reading

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My girl is four…

…and has been for a few weeks now. But I can’t let a year go by without an ode to my dearest LLC: LLC LLC, free spirit of cheek and of glee As always, you know your own mind Can … Continue reading

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Grab a Granny

The other day Chris was on the bus with the children and he told me how LLC had found a friend in a “grandma.”  Apparently he was standing next to LMM’s stroller and she was perched on a seat to … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies – Acting 101

We spent this afternoon with a lovely friend whose eldest little girl is one day younger than LLC.  After a full-on afternoon of fun I had more than just an inkling that some tired paddy antics might be coming our … Continue reading

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Sibling Moments

Today I posted a photo on Twitter of the children playing together at their little Ikea table.  LMM is just reaching the age where he will sit at the table without wriggling out of the chair or trying to push … Continue reading

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