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To eat or not to eat…meat. Exploring child vegetarianism

C has become increasingly interested / aware of where her food comes from.  Cue ‘what are my shreddies made of’ and if offered bacon, ‘that means I’m eating pig, right?’  She probably first asked about the source of various foods … Continue reading

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Healthy body, healthy mind

She was hysterical, and she wouldn’t open the bathroom door.  “Are you ok?  Let me in!,”  I kept insisting.  But she wouldn’t, and the water was running, running, running.  It was impossible to hear clearly.  And she certainly wasn’t thinking … Continue reading

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When our toddler and baby caught chickenpox

Our house has been rocked with the silently infectious and rampant chickenpox.  Without debating the merits of the chickenpox vaccine that is now widely offered in the USA, I’ll just say that this vaccine is not part of the NHS … Continue reading

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Kicking a sinus infection “naturally” while prengant

How are we in mid March and how am I due in less than two weeks?  I feel like I’ve been living in a time warp, partially due to being busy in work/life as usual, mixed with having building works … Continue reading

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Fit Mama

To avoid confusion, I don’t mean “fit” as in “good looking” as the British often use the phrase. I mean fit as in healthy and in shape, although I suppose that is linked to beauty… What mother has time to … Continue reading

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