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Let’s Hear it for the Rocking Commandos!

One of my friends described her daughter’s strong upper bodied snake-like shimmy across the floor as commando crawling. Totally apt! With that upper chest strength, this little lady will surely be great at pull-ups one day, a skill that I … Continue reading

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Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a Talker…..

Way back when, I chose the chatty-t URL for this blog because I am just that – chatty! If you call me up and ask me how I am, you won’t get a one word answer….. I’m fine, just happy … Continue reading

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The Idyllic Boat meets War Paint

This year I didn’t manage to get any of my American expat friends together to celebrate the 4th of July, so instead we collected Chris’ gran and headed to the South Coast for an afternoon on his parents boat. Warm … Continue reading

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We’re on a Roll

A few weeks back LLC rolled from her front to her back, much to Chris and my delight. It happened a few times and then she seemed to forget the manoeuvre. Not anymore. In the last week she not only … Continue reading

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My Loud Fish

I set LLC down on the changing mat and the storm blew in. One quavering, downturned lip and whimper later I had a full on down pour on my hands. What is it LLC? Mommy just needs to change your … Continue reading

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