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Dust clouds dance with the heat haze rising from the baseball field.  Hot dogs and burgers sizzle on the BBQ.  My parents call it an ‘annual softball game’ with friends, but to me it’s different, exciting, fun… The summer evening … Continue reading

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Grumpy Gator

Poor LMM.  Only a month old and he’s already acquiring a host of nicknames that will probably give him a complex later in life.  First there’s ‘Butterball’ and then there’s ‘Charlie Chubb’.  LMM is a good eater and quickly gaining … Continue reading

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36 Weeks Pregnant – Where did the time go?

Is it common to reach this point in pregnancy and be overwhelmed with the juxtaposed emotions of feeling like I’ve been pregnant forever alongside wondering how it’s now only several weeks away from a new little person rocking up on … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jungle

These days my house sometimes looks like a jungle, or at least like a tornado just blew through. But that is another, more boring story that I’m trying to re-write. This week my dear sister, Aunt M, is visiting from … Continue reading

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Big Boots to Fill

I got my first Mother’s Day card on Sunday from LLC. Because I’m now a mom, I really am.  You might be thinking, duh – that has been what you prepared for through ten months of pregnancy. That has been … Continue reading

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