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36 Weeks Pregnant – Where did the time go?

Is it common to reach this point in pregnancy and be overwhelmed with the juxtaposed emotions of feeling like I’ve been pregnant forever alongside wondering how it’s now only several weeks away from a new little person rocking up on … Continue reading

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Late Night in Amsterdam

LLC started off 2012 with a few more imaginary stamps in her passport when we packed our bags and drove to The Netherlands for the PhD Conferral of my dear confidant, wedding photographer and friend TVC.  She’s Dutch, and now … Continue reading

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Butter Fingers

I have a tendency toward clumsiness at the best of times. I’ll never forget the time I floored it in front of the busy student union at college. I was wearing sneakers and essentially tripped over my own feet. Then … Continue reading

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Not all candy is that sweet….

I love my candy, but not when it comes as a 60 lb muddy golden retriever that barks, bites and bounds at my bump with what some might call “playful affection,” but what I’d rather describe as over stimulated and … Continue reading

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Pineapple Anyone?!

Oh wait, sorry, you can’t have any pineapple because it’s in my belly or rather, my uterus.  That’s right folks, this week our hefty little one should be weighing in at just over 4 lbs and is about the size … Continue reading

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