C turned eight (!!)  at the end of January…so in honour of my LLC…

You arrived, and my world burst into colour
Eight years on, your light shines bright
From the start, our little observer
A petite hawk-eye, you remain

You describe your eyes as hazel
They dance at the sight of apple crumble
Mischief making with your brother
And Friday night grooves to Solo Dance

I love that you still read with me
We devoured the Harry Potters
Alice in Wonderland’s presently our jam
Fitting for your wild and free imagination

Down the rabbit hole you go
Creating potions, mapping Silly Town
Teaching your animals, parenting Sienna
Our skater-girl wanna-be fashion designer

Your flare for content abounds
From glitter gluing a dress pattern
To creating writing riffs that show us up
As wine lovers dishing out generous tablet usage

Child of the digital generation
We try to teach you right
Adept at the screen but more so in the present
You’ve always got time for a tent party with the jelly cat crew

Stuffed animals still crowd you out of bed
Wrapped in your fluffy fleece blanket
Morning movement ain’t your forte
You prefer bed as a cozy bastion for reading or radio

The news speaks to you now
And you don’t always like what you hear
CBBC Newsround often features in our Slumber Shindig
But my heart aches at your loss of innocence

But we talk (we both love talking)
Hash out what’s on your mind
Your principles remain strong
About near-vegetarianism & despising teeth loss

I’ve never heard anyone screech as much
About loosing a tooth
Richard at Tennis calls you the Yankee
A tough scrummer juxtaposed with your sensitive soul

A dainty ballerina and guitar rockstar
National geographic reader, bow and arrow slayer
I asked what word you’d use to sum up yourself
And you said: kind

And that says it all
Pure of heart, our LLC
More cautious than boisterous but full of infectious zest
Once you start to work the room.

We love you, C-M-MB-G (I’m not allowed to put all these nicknames in the public domain!).  May this next trip round the sun be brilliant.


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  1. Cialischeap says:

    Yes, the Marshall’s took in these animals and have cared for them for many years. It’s been stated that the Marshall”s love these animals and that is not being disputed. However, experts have suggested a solution that would allow the animals to live out the rest of their lives in a more natural environment. It would allow the Marshall’s to retire knowing that the animals will get the care and any medical attention they may need in the future without any cost to them. The council can rest easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about any health or safety concerns with any animals escaping. I hope council will reconsider and do what is best for these animals. Let them go to a sanctuary.

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