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We love books in this house.  I’ve always been an avid reader, and although my repertoire narrowed to picture books for awhile after C&M’s arrival, I’m pleased to say that I’m reading more again.   Last year we started a book club at work (my first), and delving into the plots and characters over some fine wine and cheese has been a highlight.  Books are are a restorative tonic, a window into new worlds, a fresh way to think about life.

You won’t be surprised to hear then, that books have played a bit part in C&M’s lives from the start.  I think I read C Runaway Bunny or Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown every night before bed for her first six months.  My kids have been introduced to British classics old and new (Tiger Who Came to Tea to The Gruffalo to the Faraway Tree, alongside iconic American books like Corduroy, The Giving Tree and Charlotte’s Web).  I was surprised at the amount of children’s lit that failed to make it across the pond…in both directions.  I love that we’re getting to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Now, the kids are both reading.  It came to C pretty easily, I think her observational nature lent itself to watching, learning and blossoming into a voracious reader.   M loves to listen to a good story, and is just realising that the more he can read, the better he can curl up in a chair and get lost in a story.  And once M commits to something, he commits fully.

One of the things I love the most, however, is that we still read daily together.  From picture books to non-fiction to fiction, we cover the spectrum.  We had a great made moment the other day during our evening instalment Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.  Willy Wonka, impersonating a man from Mars, begins speaking in cryptic gibberish to the American President.  The silly drama of it struck at chord with C&M and we descended into a fit of hilarity.

We laughed and we rolled around on the bed, then came tears of laughter and calls of read it again and basically the story sprang off the page and transported us into the wacky world of Roald Dahl’s mind.  It was an ecstatic moment.

I asked C what books mean to her and she said: Books come into your mind and make your imagination swirl!

Reading together, it’s a pleasure and a buzz.  Are you with me?

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