New Year, Same Me

2018, I’ve got a good feeling about you.  Bump2basics, I’ve even got a good feeling about you!  A bit ironic, as I managed a whole four blog posts during 2017, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

Last Wednesday was the final day of my holiday break and I lost it spectacularly with the kids.  They pushed me, I shouted, and then I felt terrible.  HOLLA my 2017 revelation that ‘new year’ is not synonymous with ‘perfect life order.’  Recalling this wisdom, the kids and I had a huddle, a cuddle and a chat about listening and temper control.  The day was not lost.

I’m getting better at this.  Not shouting (I’m generally not a shouty person), but at trusting myself and putting some stock in my reflections on how to live without getting bogged down by the myriad of grown up stresses that seem to come with the territory.  I am, shock horror, at 36, an adult now.  (Will I ever really feel like one?).

So I’m declaring my 2018 a year of positivity and more focused action.  Less but more valuable time spent online.  Recognising what I have achieved rather than what I haven’t.

Simple, right?





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