Friday Funnies: my cheeky nutters

At seven and five, C and M are full of zest.  We’ve taught them manners and are beyond the point when they need to be consistently reminded to use them.  About 80% of the time they’re a real joy, and a real laugh, if a bit cheeky.  So tonight’s about celebrating that.

Big bottom, big big bottom.  Talk about a big one, my mom’s got one! Thank you M, that’s charming.  My little comedian.  Your father has taught you well.  I think it’s about time we had another chat about how to endear yourself to girls.


Well MY friends and I have a different type of relationship to YOU and YOUR friends!  Oh really?! Insights from C, who frequently cuddles her little buddies and didn’t agree with my discourse on the value of protecting your personal space, no less because of the number of head lice incidents in her year.


Oooh oooh oooh ooooh.   Look at my nice brab! It’s just after 6am, so maybe my eyes deceive me?  Is that M parading around, donning my leopard print bra?  Yup.  Does he still think it’s called a brab?  Yup.  Confiscation time.


C: Ohhh!  They kissed on the lips.  We’re watching ‘Air Bud.’ a riveting movie about a golden retriever that plays American football and the main character Josh’s mom has just kissed her boyfriend.  A peck, this is a children’s movie after all.

Me: So do you think you’ll have a boyfriend one day?…Maybe in about 10 years? (qualifying)…

C: Maybe.

Me (testing the water): Someone like Josh?

C: No, Buddy.  (the dog)  I guess we don’t need to worry about dating drama and heartache for a little while then.


Me: M, I put your red airplane socks in the bag.  Your blue kit socks are not clean so you’ll have to wear the red ones.

M: Oh my word!  I need my other socks.  I want to match.

Me:  Manners?  Well, the red socks do match even though they’re not official kit socks.  

M: Okay mommy, I’ll deal with it.  I’ll just have to deal.  Yes son, you will.  Glad to hear THAT message sunk in.



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