Hello there!  This blog has again been silent for some time; write a few posts, radio silence for months, repeat(!) seems to be the name of my game for some time.

It frustrates me.  This blog is a journal for our family and an important creative outlet for me.  But somewhere in the flurry of life it gets brushed by and mainly remains a thorn in my side for its lack of being.  It’s a crappy way to feel about something that’s meant to capture inspiration, reflection and generally be a good thing.

Blog identity and time are the main things I’m grappling with.  Pregnancy and early parenting days morphed some really random blog musings into a more focused diary of life from bump to basics.  But with M starting school in September and the kids at 4 and 6 years, we are now a fair way from bump and I feel like I need to get back to basics about what this space is about.

There are some blogs out there I’ve read for a long time.  Others I find on Instagram, recommendations or sporadic surfing.  Lots of voices, lots of genres, lots of food for thought (which is something that I love about blogging) and ultimately, lots of confusion for me about where I fit in to this global ecosystem.  It’s all a bit overwhelming if you give it too much thought, and that in turn is immobilising.

But that’s wrong!  If I love writing, which I genuinely do, that’s simply what I must do.  I’ve always asserted that this blog is about the mothering, and that’s what I still want.  To capture our family adventures, inspirations and challenges.  To record the gems that the kids come out with.  To talk about things that I like in the context of family life: fitness, renovating our new home, music… To reflect on differences between raising my kids here in the UK versus my upbringing in New York, and how I remain my own woman amongst the whir of life.

This is my angle, so now to use my voice!  Please say hello and join in the discussion if you happen to visit my slice of the Internet.  I hope that my musings may connect with others that find my little slice of the Internet.

From Bump2Basics, to Back2Basics!

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2 Responses to Back2basics

  1. Rhoda says:

    It’s hard to fit everything we really want to do into our busy, crazy, nutty lives. I love reading your little snippets of real life, it makes me feel normal, yet lucky, to be going through such a special period of my life. If you think about how our lives have changed since 7 years ago when C & B were growing into little, real life babies, life has become an incredible journey, hasn’t it! Keep writing , we need you to remind us how the little loves make our lives super special xx

  2. Bump2Basics says:

    Awww Rhoda, thank you! For reading, for commenting, and being such a lovely friend to share this crazy ride with 🙂 xx

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