Friday Funnies: telling jokes

C and M are enamoured by telling jokes at the moment.  But let me be clear.  The essence of what a joke is, beyond generating laughter, is still lost on them.  There is no sensible punchline.

I give you M:

Why did the car cross the road?  Mrs Miggins! (now he’s talking to me) Listen, hahahah.  Why did the car cross the road?  


So he could gas in your face!!  Hahahahahahaha!!!!! 

Knock Knock?

Who’s there?

Smelly face.

Smelly face who?

SILLY smelly face?

Thanks M.  How about one not about smells?….

Why did the face cross the road?


It was a silly face!  Hahahahhah  

Ok buddy… Credit where credit is due, he’s got the heartiest, dirty old man laugh and that is infectious.  And yes, he calls me Mrs Miggins.  I’ve got my father-in-law to thank for that!

Then C has a crack.  Two years older, two years wiser right?

Why did the giraffe cross the road?


Because it was a jungle giraffe road hahahaha!

This will go on and on.  Save us!



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