Wanderlust, family and the modern era

Today’s technology makes it much easier to live away from people that you love.

When I met Chris in 1999 there was no Skype or FaceTime. We met in the UK where he lived, but I soon returned to the States so we built our friendship, and eventual relationship at a distance. I came away from that period with a pretty sweet stockpile of actual letters and a huge phone bill, but when I think back on it compared to what’s available 17 years later it’s pretty staggering.

Now we regularly FaceTime with my family in the States a few times a week. C and M only see their grandparents once a year, but there is no ‘warming up’ period required. Technology has allowed for that. You can be on different continents but still in the same room.

Having built a home away from home on these shores, there is still a bit of latent wanderlust within me. Before I met Chris it was my intention to study in Spain and travel. Then England captured my heart and plans of wider travel turned into lots of trips to England.

And lately when I’ve heard of friends and acquaintances  planning to relocate further afield in pursuit of a different lifestyle, part of my heart pangs with desire. The adventurous, entrepreneurial part of me nags…”is this something that could work for our family?” The anchored, sensible part of me replies…”could we uproot the kids, jobs?!?!, could we bear living abroad from the home we’ve built here and be even further away from both of our families?”  Not to mention we’ve only today entered phase 2 of project house renovate (more on that another day).

My parents have supported me to live my own life and be happy, even if it means I live across an ocean and they don’t see me that much. When I think of how I’d feel if C or M make the same decision some day, I hate it and my heart aches. But with this perspective comes an appreciation and determination to support them in the same way.

As for our family, wanderlust considered, we don’t have plans to permanently up sticks and move abroad. If we went anywhere, it would be the States.  This is something we’ve thought about over time but haven’t done for various reasons.  And with the current Trump threat, most of my family and friends are looking to escape the country!

But I’m still curious. If we had the chance to relocate further afield for a year and then return to a secure situation while the kids are at a reasonably young age, I’d love that kind of adventure…

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