Happy 4th M

Do you know?
That you ask me this question
About 30 times a day
And then comes the watershed
Of your mind palace

Do you know?
Those expressive brown eyes
Are a window into your heart
Those small square nostrils
Foretell your fire and flare

Do you know?
You still cuddle with abandon
Execute a mean leftie football kick
Sing no matter who is watching
And delight in adventure with your big sis

Do you know?
We have 50+ cars in this house
Yet you make sure to leave no one out
A top treat for you now being
A charity shop trip to add to your collection

Do you know?
You had Star Wars birthday party!
That you’re still always “too hungry”
That Rosie and Molly sleep beside you
But your heart still lies with Hopie

Do you know?
You can be stubborn as a mule
But then sweet as a kinder surprise
Sensitive and perceptive
Your analysis often surprises

Do you know?
You’ve got to stop sucking those fingers!
And telling tales of “bummy pants”
We’ll take more of your jokes though
Even without a punchline

Do you know?
You’ll spend ages building train tracks or car jumps
Or working on a Lego creation
Or speeding round the park on your bike
Those training wheels’ days are numbered

Do you know?
You arrive each morning for a scrum
Space videos are your current fav
You’ve fully discovered the joys of reading
Particularly Pretzel, Tiddler, and all things Dr Seuss

Do you know?
You’re my little big guy
Who is going to school in September…
But today I squeeze your hand tight
And bask in the glory of your light

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