Happy 6th LLC

Some belated words for our ‘big’ little girl who turned 6 at the end of January….

Golden haired and effervescent
Small but mighty
Sharp brown eyes…observing… reflecting
You don’t miss a beat, and you dance to your own one
A budding ballerina,
Rocking out on your guitar
Reading stories, writing space tales
You want to be a florist in the jungle when you grow up
I find you racing cars with M
Or building dens
Immersed in Shopkins and Lego Friends
You scrum down with gusto whenever daddy gets in
Romance makes you blush
Patience is no longer a stranger
Pizazz is your mantra
Your jokes still have no punchline!
From school to tennis to drama
Our weekdays are jam packed
And half our house is still packed
You happily take it on, and take it in stride
Running, chatting, boogieing down the alley
Life slows down in those private moments
I teach you kindness and to kiss the day
You inspire me to live in the moment
Six years ago we took our first snap
Of you fresh into the world
Wielding your fist
Now you’ve got more than one hand to play
Happy 6th Birthday LLC xoxoxoxo
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  1. CS says:

    What lovely and fitting words to describe our LLC. Both LLC and and M inspire and test us both. What a special journey we are on!

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