Where is my mind?

Good question, Pixies.  My feet are often in the air and my head is on the ground and I’m rushing.  Rushing for that train.  Rushing from grand plans to child dinner plans.  Rushing the kids to school, to dance, to get out the door.  Resolute rushing.  Residual rushing.

I’m sick of all the rushing!  I’m at a point my life where I know this isn’t necessary.  I’m not suggesting we all throw out our watches and leave timekeeping to chance.  I’m talking about being better focused and organised so I leave in good time, and if for some reason I’m late, to remember that it isn’t the end of the world and I don’t need to get stressed.

I’m not even regularly late, but that’s often thanks to the rushing.  And that’s where I need the ability to actually leave that little bit earlier and generally slow down.

This is easier done when I’m moving me alone rather than ferrying children from here to there, which is often the case.  Children make the tortoise look spry.   They have an amazing ability to need a poo as soon as you’ve laced up their shoes to go out the door.

The first day that I drove C back to school after the Christmas holidays we left the house with little time to spare.  By the time we got to school there was no parking anywhere within a 5 minute radius so I prepped the kids that we were going to need to move and fast.

And two minutes later I saw myself, three feet ahead of C, racing down the pavement like a crazed bull while M wailed for us to slow down 10 feet back.  And in that moment I had to stop and take a long hard look at myself.  Had I lost my mind?  Was C even going to be late?  No, as there’s about a 10 minute grace period after the bell rings.   And if she was, would it be the end of the world?  She’s only ever been late once in Reception.  Do I want to instil in the kids that panicked rush is the norm or explain that if we actually get ourselves ready and leave that bit earlier, we can have a fun relaxing trip to school where we actually talk to each other about the ponies in the field and the sap coming out of the tree.

I’m done with rushing for trains, to school, in general.  Long may this plan prevail!

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2 Responses to Where is my mind?

  1. Mwa says:

    I try to stop rushing as soon as we leave the house. Once you’re on your way, it’s a good moment to be mindful and rushing will only get you there thirty seconds faster or something. Plus it can be dangerous.

  2. Bump2Basics says:

    You are totally right. Bad habits are hard to break but I’ve stuck to my guns about slowing down this past week 🙂

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