Taking stock

We’ve moved!  There was last minute drama, there was stress and even some tears.  But now that the deed it done, it feels right.

I now write from our Charlie and Chocolate Factory-esque reception room housing our table, our air bed, a couple of chests of drawers, our sofas, our Christmas tree and a number of suitcases and brown boxes stacked at the perimeter.  The couple who lived here previously had serious affection for textured, coloured wallpaper and artex so we’re on the cusp of decorating upstairs before moving into the bedrooms.

It was mad seeing our home of 10 years dismantled before our eyes.  As we boxed everything up, reminders of our pre-children life surfaced – scrap boxes of gig tickets and traveling photos, my Pilates scrapbook, Chris’ half created box of canvases and paints, the discarded start of my first novel- precipitating a dose of nostalgia.

I like to think of it as the past inspiring the present.  Maybe it’s time to revisit that novel draft (now that I’ve written my first children’s book – still no agent but I’m trying), who’s to say I can’t tackle a novel!

Once a friend (male, 20s, no kids) asked me what it was like after C was born.  The question caught me a little off guard as I navigated the myriad of thoughts that sprang to mind…the relief she was out…the love….the awful lochia no one warned me about…the fact we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t change with a child, but had to readjust, now responsible for another human being.  I’m pretty I focused on this last point.

In taking stock of my life over the past 10 years, I see a story of a family that’s grown from two early 20s newly married nutters with more freedom than we realised to a crazy scrumming loving family with more responsibilities but still our zest.  I always say a happy mom and happy dad make for happy kids, and I’m pleased that Chris and I haven’t lost our individual essence over the years, even if some of our interests have become latent.

This move’s proving a good chance to stir the pot methinks.  Plus it’s 2016, and resolution time…

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