Friday Funnies: Too much information

Maybe it’s the American in me, but I’m a sharer.  Don’t get me wrong, I can keep a secret, and I definitely don’t broadcast all my business with abandon.  But I write this blog after all.  And whether it’s admitting feeling overwhelmed by aspects of our current house buying process, to discussing my definition of true love while commuting or regaling friends with the saga of my itchy armpit I’d say that I’m comfortably open in areas where many are not.

C seems to have inherited this trait in flying colours, and has developed quite the penchant for TMI, particularly while at school.  Recently her head teacher jokingly suggested to us that we have no secrets after C entertained her teachers and peers with stories of our broken down car.  Here are a couple of her latest gems…

Yesterday we had our parent/teacher meeting where C’s ‘holiday poem’ was shared.  It was a creative descriptive piece where she freestyled on what the holidays mean to her.  C’s read something like this:

I can feel the heat from the fire.

I can taste scrumptious cookies. 

I can hear the clinking of wine bottles 

The clinking of wine bottles!  Way to paint a picture of our nurturing home (though technically not inaccurate)!

Then, she decided to share M’s birth stories with her teacher and TA on the way back from a field trip this past week.  I mean I’ve shared it here on the blog  but this is a blog of my parenting adventures!  She was very proud of her storytelling skills.

I sat next to my teachers on the bus and told them all about how M was born into the toilet!  Hahahahaha!

I can only imagine the looks that were exchanged.


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