Friday Funnies: Daddy and Mommy

Here’s a typical random conversation that I had with M this evening.  At 3.5 years he alternates from being incredibly insightful and articulate to babbling nonsense like the village idiot.  And sometimes he just. won’t. listen. and that can be really trying when you’ve said the same thing about 15 times.  Tonight he relentlessly ignored me until I finally shouted at him and then I felt bad….other times like this he just makes me laugh.

M: Why is daddy so cheeky?

Me: Why?

M: Because he’s a silly boy.  He’s funny and he’s mackey.

Me:  Mackey?

M: Yeah. Mackey means good.  He’s not lomba.  Lomba means bad.

Me: Ok…. (I have been known to make up my own words…maybe he is just following in my footsteps)

M: Why is mommy nice?

Me: Why? (with anticipation)

M: Because mommy is very beautiful.

Me: Aww thanks M.

M: Why is it so gassy in here? (delighted)

Me: Did you gas?

M: Hahahahahahaha I did!  I did a gas!  Scuse me! (typical boy)

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