Moving on. Moving up? Moving house.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, our days in our Victorian cottage are numbered.

We bought this house 10 years ago.  The place needed modernisation and TLC.  There was forest green carpet everywhere, a horrendous brick edifice covering one entire wall of the lounge and some strange lady mural in the bath.  Over time we’ve made it our own and renovated every room to varying degrees.  We always knew it wasn’t our forever home, but we’ve loved it here.

We first thought about moving a year before M was born and after progressing to a complete chain, pulled out.  We were still happy here, and as time marched on and the house went from housing two to three to four people and a cat, we put it up for sale again only to take it down.  When push came to shove we weren’t serious about going.

Around us in England, many friends with children upsized and most homes of our USA friends were on another scale altogether.   But I can honestly say that I haven’t been lusting for more space…until now.

Now the kids are that little bit bigger, so the house feels that little bit fuller, always.   They’re not going to want to share a bedroom forever. It’s cramped getting another family over for dinner or having anyone comfortably stay (I say comfortably as we regularly convert our living room to a third bedroom and can inflate/deflate our air bed like a military operation).

So it’s time.  We are taking the plunge.  We are not moving far away, but away from the village-esque patch that has been our home for 10 years where the local shop man lends you a tenner to spend in the cash-only pub when you’re locked out yet again.  I’m going to miss it.

We don’t yet have an exchange or completion date but it’s all supposed to happen before Christmas.  Then we’ll be off to a semi-detached house with an actual driveway and a big decorating ask.  I’m sad to be going, but I’m finally committed, and up for creating a fantastic home.  I’m expecting some blood, sweat and tears to get there but the end game will be worth it.

So we’re moving on.  I wouldn’t say moving up; that doesn’t do justice to everything our home is and has been.   I hope the guys moving in love it as much as we have.

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  1. Moving house is always exciting times! I moved with my family in September and it was really difficult. So many things had to be packed and moved.. that was the most horrible part of the move. Now we are more or less settled and happier in the new house! Everybody has a room for himself and everything is going great! Thanks for sharing! Good luck!

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