Hello Year 1

C Aug 2015Last year I blogged about Reception Perceptions, which might be of interest if you’ve got a little one starting Reception this year.

But for C, July marked goodbye September, and tomorrow marks Hello Year 1.

This year, we are old pros.  Haha!! We know that she will survive.  We know that we will survive.  We’ve got over the emotional hurdle of our baby entering into the school system.  And we know that the new French school we took a punt on is proving a stimulating happy place for C.

It’s strange how when you go through milestones like your child starting in Reception it feels like it’s never happened before, when really it’s just never happened to you or your child before.

This year, I’m a sad that the freedom of summer is ending.   We know that we need to regularly get C somewhere on time, never a joy.  We’re also aware that projects, spellings etc are headed C’s way; even in Reception we saw school translate into work and practice and in my view, little ones often learn best through immersion, fun and encouragement from both parents and teachers.   Last year it felt like we more of less got the balance right with supporting C through all this while also recognising she’s still a little kid who needs time to create her own adventures.  I hope that proves true again this year.

We’ll see…


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  1. I’m glad the French school worked out, and all the best for Year 1. Yes would b lovely to see you – email me!

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