Full-time Mom Fandango

I’d describe myself as fairly even keel and tolerant, but one thing that really gets my knickers in a twist (beyond unkindness, humble brags and the British tendency to end their sentences in rhetorical questions) is when women -mothers- describe themselves as a full-time moms.

More often than not, the women using this phrase are not working in a professional capacity beyond the mothering.  And I know mothering is a mega job- thoughtful, well balanced children don’t just emerge from the womb.

My beef is with those that imply, either directly or indirectly, purposefully or incidentally that those women who are working a professional job alongside the mothering are not full-time moms.  We are!  Yes, I may spend part of my week in paid employment beyond my role as a mama, but this doesn’t mean my role as a mama is anything other than full-time.

Every day I talk, teach, laugh and love with my children.  Every day I bear responsibility for my kids, I’m their constant protector and constant cheerleader, whether or not I’m at home or in the office, whether or not their at school or by my side.

In my view- go to work, stay home, try the best of both worlds- whatever….different strokes for different folks, we all have different wants and needs.  But if you are a mama, however your cut it, you are a full-time mom.

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  1. Mwa says:

    I’ve never heard anyone say that, but that is ridiculous! As if there is any such thing as a part time mother.

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