Friday Funnies: Rich Material

Honestly, my two have been coming out with some rich wit and nonsense of late.  I need to remember to write these little gems down here so I can tease them about it some day.  Here’s a selection…

C – 5 years old

Mommy, I know you’re a bit tired. Can you give me £50?  The girl’s not a fool.

I can’t take you to the 16 yatches, da da da da da.  The guitar solo she penned.  We hear this a lot.  Not sure what the yatches are and she won’t tell me.

Daddy’s such a chameleon. She meant comedian.

M – 3 years old

I don’t want mommy, daddy, C, Rico – I’m going to put you in the bin!!  Come back mommy!  I love you.  So fickle.

To his beloved stuffed animal dog Rose – Oh darling Rosie.  Come here darling. So caring.

I’m going to marry a rat.  Or a skunk.  The only positive here is that we’ve moved on from his sister.

Ha ha!

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