Drama Queen

When I was a little kid I asked my mom to take me to Manhattan because I wanted to be in a commercial.  She didn’t.  And that was the end of my showbiz career.

I’ve mentioned before that C, now nearly five years old, is a bit of drama queen.  When her Reception teacher described her to me as vivacious I knew that she understood my little girl.  Like her mom, she doesn’t tell jokes but she’s got a sense of humour.  She’s very expressive and whether it’s freaking out at a fruit fly next to her seat in the car or acting out a scene from her reader we get many an Oscar winning performance.  Even my mom suggested that she’s be right at home in some type of amateur dramatics class.

The dance studio where C takes ballet offers drama classes as well a talent agency.  I asked C whether she had any interest in the drama class, or the drama club after school and she didn’t.  So for now we’ll leave it at that.

It got me thinking though…if she had had similar inclinations to my younger self and asked to be on an advert, would I say no?  Or would I have a chat with that talent agency?  My gut reaction is that I wouldn’t.  That I would’t want to open up that whole can of worms  on C at such a young and tender age.  I feel like it would come with a certain pressure that’s she free of at the moment, and I worry that she’d become too quickly aware of needing to look and act the part.  Overall it just doesn’t sit well.

But there are loads of families out there that do go down this route and hopefully with more grace and sense than those childhood beauty queen pageant people (sorry but I just don’t understand that at all).  It would be a nice way to build a savings/University fund and if your child is keen, why not explore it?

What’s your view?

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