Books we love: Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak

I’m prone to telling my kids that I’ll eat them up, I love them so.  Of course Where the Wild Things by Maurice Sendak is completely to blame and celebrate for this.

This fantastic book, about the repercussions of cheeky antics, headstrong children, frustration, imagination, solidarity and love is one of our all time favorites.  My two were captured from the start when young Max runs through his house chasing his dog with a fork and wreaking general havoc (they’d never dream of doing that to Rico!….hmmmm).

Max is sent to bed without supper and enters a dreamland where he tames and rules over ‘Wild Things’ not unlike himself.  Ultimately of course he feels a bit lonely and misses his family so returns home, much to the dismay of his new subjects.  And there awaits a plate of hot supper.

We love this book because it is fun, creative and easy for my kids to relate to without them even consciously recognizing it.

Interesting accordingly to Wiki Sendak said that it took a couple of years for the book to be widely accepted after an initial critical reviews.  It went on to gain much acclaim, winning the Caldecott Medal and numerous other plaudits.

Max, you hold a special place in our hearts.

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2 Responses to Books we love: Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak

  1. Circus Queen says:

    Would you believe that not only do we not own a copy of Where the Wild Things Are but that I’ve never read it! Clearly, it’s time to fix this!

  2. Bump2Basics says:

    CQ I hope you have now enjoyed it with your little ones 🙂

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