Friday Funnies: 4 going on 14

On Thursday I received the following update from our childminder:

Yesterday I told LLC we would make some cakes today. As I didn’t have any eggs she said: We Must go to the local shop to buy some eggs.

I asked her to put her coat on but she didn’t want to. I told her again to put her coat on if she wanted to go to the shop.  Her reply was that she didn’t want to put her coat on and that I could go to the shop and that she could stay by herself. I told her that I wouldn’t leave her by herself and she said: I am 4 now and I know about all this stuff...

I asked her about which stuff she knew about and she said:                                                     I remember not to touch the television, not to go upstairs…

She eventually put her coat on and we bought the eggs.


I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

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2 Responses to Friday Funnies: 4 going on 14

  1. Circus Queen says:

    Haha! Oh dear! Talitha suggested I leave her home while I popped to shop the other day. She isn’t even 3!

  2. Bump2Basics says:

    CQ – you’ve got to love our strong minded little ladies! I’d rather them have spirit than not, but we’ll definitely need strength when the real teen years hit!

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