Organized Chaos

My life is organized chaos.

I keep a diary, but still manage to double book.  By day a trail of pip squeak crayolas, stethoscopes and toy cars decorate our house in ‘tornado just blew through’ style but at night we pack it all away so we can re-establish some zen.  I try to drink my eight glasses of water each day but in reality leave a trail of half drunken glasses in random places.  I organize creative new activities and outings for LLC and LMM, but we have some of our best times chasing each other around the living room and rocking out in the kitchen…..

My life is juxtaposition at its glory.

And though by nature I like to be organized and I’m definitely a thinker and short-term planner, but I’m learning to let go (a bit) and embrace the chaos.

With this in mind, I shouldn’t have been surprised that our arranged family photo shoot last weekend went haywire.  We’ve never had professional photographs taken of the kids aside from those that have been snapped at various weddings, so decided to get some done while they are still little.  After asking for some recommendations and shopping around online, we found a local photographer whose work looked promising and booked.

We asked to do outdoor, quite natural photos rather than more posed shots in the studio.  And thus, the chaos ensued!  We went to a lovely little park that we’d never found before with a lake and walled flower gardens.  The photographer was really friendly and engaging, but as she tried to snap LLC and LMM under a picturesque archway, LLC decided to run away.  She wanted to be alone!  I chased her around the wet muddy grass trying to get her to cooperate.  Then LMM got antsy, fell over in a big muddy puddle and started screaming.  Even his beloved dry shreddies couldn’t calm him.  So as LLC came around and started hunting for trolls under the bridge, we lost LMM.  Overall there was snot, tears, mud, bribery and probably not one calm happy family photo.

It was organized chaos at its best.  I’ll report back on the results once we see them!

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