Sticky Children

Heat = sticky children.  It’s amazing that we are finally having some good weather in the UK.  Although I can remember a small handful of good summers since I moved here at the end of 2002, by far the best weather summer I’ve had was last year when I spent 7 weeks of my maternity leave back on Long Island!

Now that we’ve finally got some heat and sunshine on this side of the pond, I feel like we don’t know how to handle it or what to do with ourselves.  People are ecstatic, delirious, tired and melting.  Me included.  But I’m embracing the heat; even with the stickiness it brings in all varieties where my children are concerned.  And there are many….

  •   Sweaty brows and bodies, not helped by LLC discovering she can lick the salt off them….gross
  • Cement-like paste clinging to most of LMM’s clothes and body from his adventures with sand and water….and he likes nothing better than to wipe his dirty hands in my hair
  • Melted ice cream…they love it, but half of it melts all over them every time
  • Hot heads….I’ve finally convinced LLC to pull her hair back at night in the interest of cooling comfort
  • Chocolate from a cookie melted all over LLC’s toes….as she rolled around my bed and left a brown trail in her wake
  • The ever present brand of white SPF 50 sun block….smeared on children and the stroller / car seat / furniture

But we can wear dresses without shivering so this is all a small price to pay….let’s celebrate people!

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