Sibling Moments

Today I posted a photo on Twitter of the children playing together at their little Ikea table.  LMM is just reaching the age where he will sit at the table without wriggling out of the chair or trying to push the table over.  LCC loves her art projects.  Put them together and I had two happily entertained children for nearly half an hour.  Aside from fishing the occasional piece of playdough out of LMM’s mouth and keeping watch to ensure he didn’t keep trying to ingest it, I had nearly half an hour of breathing space.

Half an hour – score, score, score!

I’ve mentioned how LMM loves to shadow his big sister, and for her part, she mostly appreciates his company.  It’s really sweet they are now reaching that point where they can genuinely start to play together.  There is a similar 2 year age difference between my sister and me and I have many fond childhood memories of the imaginary worlds and games we cooked up together.

More and more evidence of their growing bond is cropping up:

  • LLC is letharic, ill with a bug and laying on the couch.  LMM toddles over to her and pats her legs and back – he was actually quite gentle with her.  There’s a soft bedside manner in there after all!
  • LMM manages to push our living room french door open, which has a drop down into the yard.  LLC notices before I do and shouts “Mommy watch out for trouble!  Trouble is escaping from the door!”  Yes, she’s referring to LMM as trouble, not the situation.  I don’t know where she got that from….
  • LLC throws LMM a ball.  He bats at it and sends it back in her direction.  They sit there playing ball together.  Daddy is very proud.
  • LMM is in his highchair screaming because I haven’t presented his Weetabix fast enough.  LLC takes a bananna out of the fruit basket, unpeels it, and breaks off a piece for him.  He babbles “nananana,” smiles and shoves it in his mouth.

Chris has a good relationship with his brother, and I with my sister, and I really hope our two will continue to grow closer and closer as they grow older.  At this age they are such an integral part of each other’s lives; this is the time to let those deep roots bed in.

Recently Jennie at Edspire blogged about how the tragic loss of her beautiful baby Tilda impacted her other two young children.  My heart goes out to her as she navigates these emotions alongside coping with her own grief.  I recognize that LLC doens’t even really remember life without LMM…I am reminded to cherish and nurture this beautiful sibling relationship unfolding before my eyes.

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