LLC at 3

LLC, now you’re three
You’re our little monkey

A free spirit with so much chat
Who has perfected the art of the “innocent pat”

You love big and scrum hard
And you’re turning into quite the card

We love the faces that you make
When your feigning fear or courting cake

You’re very protective of your little bro
But when he gets in your grill you sometimes blow

Because you like to concentrate
On reading, puzzles, anything you can create

You like to wear mommy’s high heels
And burn some rubber on your scooter wheels

Your preference is for dresses, less so for combing your hair
And you know how to turn on that gorgeous brown-eyed stare

You like to run and play with your crew
Look forward to pre-school but rarely comment on what you do

You know pliƩ means bend and can dance on your tip toes
And when you groove to Taio Cruz you really like to strike a pose

You’re almost always hungry, often asking for more
Your manners are thankfully coming along, prompting is a bore

You like to play doctor, or “cafe” with your kitchen food
You act so grown up at times but then throw a toddler mood

You help out at home cooking and even like doing the dishes
Your vocabulary is fantastic and includes words like delicious

You like to issue your orders,and try to send me to my room
You love our pirate adventures and a shiny gold dabloom

Cutting your nails can still be touch and go
You can get dressed yourself but the process is really slow

Your a modern Internet kid who navigates the i-Pad & facetime
And every day you give us a mega dose of the sublime…

Time flies when you are having fun – Happy (belated) 3rd Birthday LLC

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2 Responses to LLC at 3

  1. Heather says:

    Happy birthday LLC!

  2. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday LLC. What a lovely post. Hope we get to see you again sometime. Maybe we could do something in the spring when it is warmer!

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