The most amazing thing about having little children…

…Is the unconditional and boundless love that they give me.

Whether they are looking up to me or simply looking for me, I’m just enough.

When else in life does someone accept you exactly as you are without question?  When else in life are you truly the sun?

I love how even if they have a major paddy that five minutes later we are again cuddling, best friends and I’m the apple of their eye.

Just simple, innocent acceptance and love.  It’s pretty amazing.

I guess Chris and I have earned this in some ways because we are their constant – we love, feed, clothe, play, settle, support and teach LLC and LMM every day.  At first their love seemed more out of raw instinct, where as they’ve grown it seems more born out of unconscious recognition of us the golden thread through their lives.

We’re not alone in receiving this love from our little children but once you feel it personally, it’s really so special.  I was thinking about this as I came up the escalator at London Bridge station the other day and it gave me pause.  People always tell you that your children grow up “so fast.” Life is busy and full of distraction but I try to live in the moment with them.

Talk as I have about certain “phases” with children that I wish would swiftly pass (lack of sleep, sibling violence…) this is one phase that I wish would just remain and remain and remain.


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  1. Lucy says:

    So true and so special. X

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