Twas the night after Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas
And all through the house
Lingers the magic of Santa
And smell of my spouse

The stockings were unwrapped yesterday
With LLC’s enthusiastic flare
Presents exchanged
With family who were there

The children rejoiced
To see Santa had been
He ate their homemade cookies
(Thankfully a culinary win)

And the reindeer ate their carrots
Much to LLC’s delight
She had listened for them on the rooftop
But alas, fell asleep all night!

And now we are tired
After a Boxing Day jam-packed with play
New toys were tried and tested
Yet a cardboard box won highlight of the day

Now I sit with my wine
And more food I don’t need to eat
And reflect how with young children
The holidays are ever so more sweet

I creep upstairs to watch my children
Peacefully asleep in their beds
And feel happy, privileged and thankful
As I kiss their sweet heads

Happy holidays everyone.

Santa Visit


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