The Friday Funnies – Conversations with the cat

Last night Chris and I overheard LLC having the following conversation with our cat Rico soon after we said goodnight.  She had gotten out of bed and was talking to him near her bedroom door.

Hi little Rico.  You’ve come to see LLC.  You’re sitting outside my bedroom door little cat.  This is my room.  You can’t come in.  You came the other day and knocked my pictures on the ground and that wasn’t good.  Sorry.  It’s MY room my cat….. You can’t sleep up there (on the wardrobe).  I don’t like it when my things fall downAre you going to go downstairs?  (she carries on for a couple of minutes while Rico sits and humours her).  Well, it’s been good talking to you Rico but I’m afraid I need to go back to bed now.  Goodnight.

We were cracking up in our bedroom next door.

Today while trying convince me to pretend nap she told me to go to sleep mommy, a nap will do you good.

The things coming out of her mouth are priceless these days, and we need a bit of the lighthearted in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Fortunately my family and friends are okay but it hit my native Long Island hard. My thoughts are with you NYers and those affected on the East Coast.

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  1. Kath says:

    What a wonderful story, so adorable.

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