In praise of the plastic monstrosity and our boy

LMM in his walker

I’m happy to say that since my last blog post LMM is sleeping much better at night but that will be another blog post.

Today I want to write about the inquisitive, perceptive and mobile little guy he is blossoming into.  Around the time we returned from New York LMM partially punctured our sleep deprived haze by finding his movement.  While he rolled a bit throughout the summer, around the start of September he suddenly became truly mobile.  He rolled off playmats.  He learned to briefly sit by himself.   Then within a couple of weeks he could sit for 10 minute periods and by the end of the month he began commando crawling across the room.

Finding his groove has worked wonders for his disposition.  He’s still our sensitive boy, but he’s ever so more sunny, smiley and happy for periods of out of our arms.  He’s never been one for lounging in the background on a bouncy chair and I think he’s thrilled to be able to take a self directed part in our family madness beyond things like being a helpless prop (the ball) in Chris and LLC’s games of American football.  Don’t ask.

Another critical thing I quickly realized about my mobile boy was his desire to be upright when he wasn’t on the go.  He’s developed an interest in the world around him and you don’t get the best views laying on your back, even if you’re propped up at a 45 degree angle.  After watching him get frustrated I decided it was time to take the plunge and look into walkers.

Those who know me or have been following this blog know that I’m not a huge fan of the massive baby army of “plastic monstrosities.’  I’m a bit of a snob about preferring wooden toys that don’t play hideous tinny songs, but I also quickly learned with LLC that babies like some plastic, synthesized music and variety.  So we have a mix of toys but I’ve continued to shy away from really big baby devices like walkers because space comes at a premium at our house and they are mainly so big and bulky.

But after discussing my need to find a walker with a neighbor, I didn’t say no when she offered us her toddler’s Chicco Walker.  It’s a classic plastic monstrosity (though we didn’t inherit the part of it that plays tunes, sob….), takes up center stage in our living room and won’t even fit out the door into our hall because of the position of a bookshelf but LMM loves it.  When he gets tired and frustrated but still wants to keep up with the action, I pop him in the walker and he’s again a happy boy.  I may need to carry it through our doorways because of space issues on the ground, but it’s  proven really useful in the kitchen as LMM will often sit in it while I prepare LLC’s dinner, as opposed to being strapped to me.

It’s really lovely watching LMM  growing into this active, engaged little boy.  We still love our cuddles together but it’s fantastic to see him wriggle across the floor and fling his sister’s pizza out of her play oven or sit in his walker devouring the room with his wide eyes.  And once his legs get a bit longer, no doubt he’ll be zooming around the room in the walker, content until he can walk himself.  For that, I’ll take a big chunk of plastic any day.

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