The Slippery Slope of Bribery

Photo Credit: Baby Bjorn

Since LLC turned two in January the “potty training” conversation crept on the scene.  It’s one of those milestones where I wish I could click my fingers, utter “whazam” and see toddler diapers no more.  But alas…

LLC follows me around and has thus had months of toilet explanations.  She knows what a potty is for, she knows about “big girl underpants” and “wiping.”  She’s aware of her bodily functions and will often alert me to them, but she hasn’t shown much genuine interest in delivering on her potty or on the child seat we got for our toilet.

Although it would be great to have LLC potty trained before her baby brother arrives and I considered sticking her in underpants for several concentrated “training days” where we stay close to home, after talking to friends, reading some insightful blogs and listening to my gut I decided to table this option for now.  My recon suggests that if you wait until your child is showing real interest / clear signs, the transition out of diapers is much quicker and more stress free for all.

And then, soon after reaching this conclustion we had a small step in the right direction last Monday night.  I asked a dancing around LLC if she wanted to use the potty, and unsurprisingly she said “NO.”  But then she took off her nappy and refused to put another one on.

We asked if she wanted the potty.  “NO!”  We asked if she wanted a new nappy.  “NO.  I want juice.” (Still more of a treat for her).

So Chris said if she made a deposit on her potty she could have juice, and she sat down and peed in it.

LLC got her juice and a sticker. She got to wipe and to flush, which she really enjoys.  We made a big fuss of her.  We haven’t had any more potty action since, but LLC has told me on a few occasions that if she pees on the potty she will get juice. And that’s when bribery becomes a slippery slope…

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  1. Circus Queen says:

    Haha, clever girl! I’ve heard of people putting food colouring in the loo do when they pee the colour change is their reward. I think I’ll just wait until mine wants to, like you’re doing. That all seems so far away for us though.

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