36 Weeks Pregnant – Where did the time go?

Is it common to reach this point in pregnancy and be overwhelmed with the juxtaposed emotions of feeling like I’ve been pregnant forever alongside wondering how it’s now only several weeks away from a new little person rocking up on the scene here.  I want brie and red wine, but how will we cope?!   You may know that I’m a “thinker,” but unlike last time I haven’t at all pondered the logisitcs of caring for a newborn and instead figure we’ll muddle like we did with LLC…..whether or not I remember anything is another story.  This is where my little leather-bound notebook from the early days with LLC may prove a worthwhile reference point.

This time I wonder more how we will find space in our house and our heart for another little one.  I know we will on both counts, but until he is here it just won’t seem real even though I recognize that I’ve now got a pretty much full-grown little guy inside me.  LLC may kiss my bump aka her “baby brother” but how will she adjust when that baby comes out to play?  She’s in full-on testing the limits phase right now and has already tried to “kick him back” through my bump on more than once occasion.  Uh-oh.

Even though my bump sprang forth sooner during this pregnancy I think it might be more compact than last time.  At my 35.5 week midwife appointment I was measuring 35cm, so he doesn’t appear to be a big boy.  He’s active though – so active, more so than LLC.  I am constantly kicked, particularly after eating and he does a strange swivel-like motion with what I think are his legs that sends my stomach undulating.

I don’t remember many Braxton Hicks contractions with LLC but for a few weeks now I’ve been getting them thick and fast.  I feel my midsection and uterine area tighten regularly.  My whole pelvic area seems “looser” than last time.  While I’m fortunately not experiencing pelvic pain, I’m conscious that I need to move with care (something I’m not adept at).  Particularly after sitting for awhile, I’m acutely conscious of pressure in my pelvic region when I stand up.  And then there’s that sexy trademark pregnancy waddle.  I try to avoid it but as the day progresses, the waddle seems to up its ante in cahoots with some shooting sciatic-like pains down one or both of my legs (also not something I experienced with LLC).

Does all this action mean that I won’t again run 2.5 weeks overdue and have baby on time?  I hope so.  A girl can only hope.  But I just don’t know.

I’m not hoping for an early arrival either, particularly as LLC’s bedroom (which she will later share with her brother when he moves into a crib) is currently under construction.  Of course things have been a little delayed with the builder, and he’s due to finish up this week, but time is marching on and LLC has been in a travel cot in our bedroom for two weeks now.  The contents of her bedroom is occupying our room, and our lounge.  It feels like a jungle in here.  I need to wash some baby clothes and get to grips with what we actually have!

I did manage to pack my hospital bag ( just in case), and I need to dig out my old birth plan.  While last time I booked a home birth but had LLC in the hospital after being induced, this time time we are hoping to use the new mid-wife led birthing unit at our hospital.  I’m again hoping to go as natural as possible but am prepared for the “plan” not to go to plan, but we’ll see.

With LLC I started perineal massage (groan) around this point in pregnancy but still ended up with an episiotomy.  I may venture there again but I fear it will make all the poking and prodding down there from the last birth all too fresh in my mind.  Do I really want to go there?  To be continued….

I never developed the linea nigra this time around.  I’m not sad about that though 🙂

I finish work in 3 weeks.  Having wrapped up my job much sooner with LLC I think I took for granted how relaxing and rejuvenating that, what turned out to be, 3 month pre baby break was.  I remember being worried that I would be bored.  Now racing after LLC and still busy at work, I appreciate that longer break in retrospect.  Always retrospect.

So there you have me at 36 weeks pregnant.

**I haven’t uploaded a bump shot for this week (and have only sporadically taken them this pregnancy) but am finally posting some comparative shots of my bump at 17, 27 and 35 weeks respectively.  The top row is with LLC, the bottom row now.  Yes, they are all a bit cut off but I just had to upload them already!

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13 Responses to 36 Weeks Pregnant – Where did the time go?

  1. Wow, that did go fast.
    I wish you all the best with baby no 2 – and don’t worry, the moment he is born you will find the space in your heart. x

    • Bump2Basics says:

      I know, it’s just hard to imagine before he is on the scene. I think the house is going to be harder! – though we’ve just done a re-fit of the childrens’ room and have a layout that is working for us. Fingers crossed.

  2. Wow you are working right until your due date nearly, I bowed out at 35 weeks this time. It was around the same time with my first pregnancy but I was nearly 2 weeks overdue in the end and it seemed an eternity! This time round I have a c-section booked so it’s a completely different/weird experience! In just a few weeks we will have our new additions and it still doesn’t seem real x

    Ps. I haven’t got the linea nigra this time either and I am so glad, it took ages to fade last time…

    • Bump2Basics says:

      Hurrah on no linea nigra! I finished work really early with LLC and since she was so late I decided to take it to the wire with this one. It is getting tiring, though I am lucky to work quite a bit from home. I saw your post on your c-section – so important that you get to do what makes you feel most comfortable so am glad in the end you found the support that you needed on that front.

  3. Wow, this was really quick! I was 2.5 weeks late with the first one and consider having the 2nd one with an elective c-section. All the best of luck, they say 2nd time around is quicker…

  4. I am eternaly amazed each time I stop by here by how much time flies on this blog. I know I say this frequently, but I still remember when you were pregnant the first time… And I even remember when the due date was approaching. You wrote about it so well. And again this time. Good luck with everything!! Sending you hugs… xox

    • Bump2Basics says:

      Thanks Michelle – I don’t know where the time has gone either! I’m trying to capture some of the moments of this journey…just wish I was disciplined to do it a bit more these days

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